The focus of our charity is to provide another alternative for the unexpectedly pregnant mother. We believe that any woman who finds herself pregnant and unable to care for a baby now deserves the chance to be reunited with her child in the future, when she is in a better position to care for him/her.

We believe many women in similar situations currently have abortions, not out of lack of love for their child, but out of a lack of an alternative. We want to provide that alternative.

The Options Beyond Adoption Expectant Mother Process

We will provide you, the expectant mother, with a list of people who have been approved by the Options Beyond Adoption Board of Directors to become volunteer guardians for your baby.

We will provide you with a list of names of New Mexico attorneys who are willing to advise you on the legal processes to give medical powers of attorney and guardianship to your selected volunteer guardian. We recommend you select your attorney soon and discuss the guardianship issues with your attorney early in your pregnancy.

After you have decided to meet with possible volunteer guardians, you should visit with them and get to know them. If you are satisfied that you want them as your volunteer guardians for your baby, then you should work with them to establish a plan for things you need to do to become ready to raise your baby. If the first selected volunteer guardians are not acceptable to you, then select another volunteer guardian and begin a relationship with them. Continue this process until you are satisfied with the volunteer guardians you have selected. You may ask these people anything you want to know about them and their family, before you decide who you want to care for your baby.

Your selected volunteer guardians will establish a loving, mentoring relationship with you and will work with you to develop a plan with milestones so you can be ready to raise your baby yourself. The timing is totally up to you and your selected volunteer guardians. You recognize that this continued mentoring relationship with your selected volunteer guardians is extremely important to you, your baby, and the volunteer guardians throughout your pregnancy and the guardianship period. Your continued mentoring relationship will enhance your ability to raise your baby and have your baby returned to you as soon as possible.

After the baby is born and if you still want your selected volunteer guardians to care for your baby and they are still willing to become volunteer guardians, then you give them a medical power of attorney.

Once you decide who you want to care for your infant, our work with you and our charity’s involvement is over. We will provide you a list of referrals for you to choose an agency that is willing to continue to assist you and the volunteer guardians in the mentorship process. This continued mentorship process is critical for you to work within your plan to accomplish the tasks necessary for you to raise your baby. The volunteer guardians will be there to mentor you and help you to the best of their abilities.

You understand that should you not meet your time frames or milestones within your plan to enable you to care for your baby, the volunteer guardians may have to go to court to change their status. The court will act in the best interests of your baby and could formalize the temporary guardianship, appoint new legal guardians, or allow for an adoption, or refer to CYFD.

You understand that many unexpected and unforeseen things can happen to the volunteer guardians, you or your baby that may require the guardianship to change. Unforeseen illnesses, unexpected death or injuries, financial crises, and numerous other things could happen that may result in the volunteer guardians being unable to care for your baby. You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to be there for your baby and the volunteer guardians to help resolve any unforeseen issues that may arise. This could result in a change of guardianship. The new guardian could be you, if you are ready. You should discuss these possibilities with your attorney.

You are giving temporary guardianship of your baby to people you have chosen. You are still the mother and parent to the baby and have a responsibility to be in their lives, so you can, as quickly as possible be able to care for and raise your baby.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask anytime.

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