Volunteer Guardians

The focus of our charity is to provide another alternative for the unexpectedly pregnant mother. We believe that any woman who finds herself pregnant and unable to care for a baby now deserves the chance to be reunited with her child in the future, when she is in a better position to care for him/her.

We believe many women in similar situations currently have abortions, not out of lack of love for their child, but out of a lack of an alternative. We want to provide that alternative.

The Options Beyond Adoption Volunteer Guardian Process

You are volunteering to be a temporary guardian for a pregnant mother who may have been considering an abortion. All the information you provide to us will be shown to the pregnant mother.

Beyond our basic requested information, we encourage you to provide significant additional information that you would like that mother to know about you. This could include pictures, videos of you and your family, a statement to her about your desire to help her and her baby through her difficult time. Present anything that you would like for her to consider that you think would help her to decide to select you as temporary guardians for her baby.

Volunteer temporary guardians will fill out a statement of understanding which will contain the following:

  • Personal information, including all the people in the home.
  • An understanding that you, the volunteer guardian, will be raising the baby with the agreement to return the baby to the mother when the mother terminates the guardianship agreement.
  • Consent to criminal records checks on all adults living in the home, including but not limited to local police records check, state criminal records check, federal criminal records check, drug listing check, paternity site checks, sex offender list, and child and neglect check.
  • Credit Check
  • References from at least three unrelated people who can attest to your character and suitability to be a volunteer guardian of a baby.
  • Provide all requested medical information on all members of the household including vaccinations and immunizations in order to protect the safety of the baby.
  • Provide your health insurance to prove the baby will be adequately covered. If the baby will not be able to be covered on your health insurance the baby will have to be registered for Medicaid and the mother will have to sign medical/dental care authorization.
  • Consent to licensed adoption and foster care volunteers and assistants to visit you and your families and your homes.
  • Agreement to develop a mentoring relationship with the mother (father if in the picture) to show her how to love and raise her baby and show her what a loving family should be.
  • Agree to empower the mother to make decisions for herself to work toward reuniting with her baby.
  • Agree to not enable the mother by providing money or a place to stay in your home. Empower the mother to make her own decisions, but also to live with those consequences in a loving mentoring manner.
  • Agree to work with the mother to develop a plan with milestones that will get the mother to the point of being capable of raising her baby within the timeframes agreed to and set in the plan.
  • Agree to provide any other information our charity deems necessary to protect the baby.
  • An understanding that it is the mother who will select the volunteer guardian and that she will form a close relationship with the selected volunteer guardians before the birth of the child and she could change her mind at any time.
  • Their understanding that our charity’s involvement ends when the mother decides who she wants to care for the baby.

Our charity will provide a referral list of organizations that will help with the mentoring process and follow through with you and the mother.

You understand that you must report any and all suspected child abuse or neglect. You will be required to sign a statement to that effect. New Mexico requires that ALL adults are required to report any suspected child abuse or neglect.